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President Donald Trump’s speech to Congress

President Donald Trump stood before Congress for the first time and gave a broad call for overhauling healthcare, creating jobs, and boosting military expenditure.

In an appeal to American optimism, President Trump declared, “The time for small thinking is over.” Still, he use dark language to describe the threat posed by “radical Islamic terrorism” – a term his own national security adviser states as inflammatory – and warned against “reckless” and “uncontrolled entry” of immigrants and refugees from countries with ties to extremist groups.

President Trump’s message on immigration, which is one of his signature campaign issues, was unexpectedly mixed. He said he believed “real and positive immigration reform is possible” and had suggested to news anchors earlier that he was open to legislation that could provide a pathway to legal status for some of the millions of people residing in the United State illegally.

His optimistic-vision speech was written with the same team that worked with Trump on his inaugural address. In a preview of his performance to Breitbart News, Trump had said, optimistically, that he intends to strike an “up tone” though “I inherited a mess.”

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