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Editorial policy


Bati Post is the news hub for trusted information, analysis, news and views that caught across different sectors of human life such as politics, business, fashion, books, religion, culture, health, and technology. The Bati Post is set up to provide informed opinion leadership to its readers on a range of relevant issues. This editorial policy includes text, images, videos, interactive tools and all other materials or contents on website strictly adhere to the policy of conserving the editorial reliability and independence. Visitors online can be rest assured that editorial verdicts are not prejudiced by any outside interests, private or industry, political, commercial, advertisers, partners or employees, sponsors, or personal interests.

How content is developed

Topics at Bati Post site are selected for relevance to the current issues on politics, business, fashion, books, religion, culture, relationship, and technology that affects the generality of the masses, and the content decisions are based on the assessment of possible interest to visitors, timeliness of the subject and the quality of the research and writing of the editors. Content is solely developed by Bati Post authors and adheres to the positions of the Bati Post site. Anonymous sources may only be used to report facts. Anonymous accusations and speculation are not acceptable.

Conflict of interest

The contents of the Bati Post website are objectively written to provide fair and balanced information, news, opinions and analyses on topics extending from politics, healthcare, business, arts, sports, technology to education and science informed by the reasoning principles. If you think any piece of the contents, the author or reviewer is subjective that conflicts any interests please email us at

Ethical standards

All material published on our website strictly adhere to the universal journalism rules of objectivity balanced reportage of which the following principles apply to writers and reviewers who hold the right qualification. Any action(s) or attempt to go contrary to this principle is violation of our ethical guidelines. As a writer or reviewer, professional interests in an issue that could present under the appearance of a conflict of interest or critic deliberately misinterpret to benefit one party and or presentation of plagiarizes content will be dealt with as determined by the editors.

Content Update

Content is updated when relevant new information breaks or a research was made and such may affect information on the website or on the other hand can impact the society positively. Also, all content is reviewed occasionally to ensure that up-to-date and accurate news or information available on the Bati Post website. The date on which an article is uploaded or updated appears on the menu along with the topic of such contents.The Bati Post Board amends the Editorial Policies from time to time to meet changing needs and circumstances including legislation affecting Bati Post.

Submitting feedback

The editors of the Bati Post website welcome comments, reviews and feedback from readers. But these comments, reviews and feedback will be subjected to approval and cannot go live if the editors find out that it does not meet the standard required. In the event of an error or inconsistency in any of the approved comments, reviews and feedback, the editors strive to address it quickly and correct the errors. Readers can send their feedback to

Sponsorship and Advertising

The Bati Post websites hold firmly to the editorial integrity and independence. The contents are not influenced by outside interests, political or commercial, private or industry sponsors, advertisers, partners or employees, or personal interests. The Bati Post website does not accept advertising on its websites that violate the editorial policy or could breed conflicts.

Copyright Policy

All content on the Bati Post is copyrighted by Bati Post and should only be used for non-commercial purposes only. No content may be reprinted, copied or electronically reproduced or utilized in a commercial environment unless explicitly stated without the express permission of the Author.

Contents on the Bati Post website are for informational purposes only. Nothing here is or is to be considered as a guide or instructional manual to act upon that may have a negative impact on the readers as a resultant effect.



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