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Oromo People should be Cautious of Ethiopian Government Next Line of Action

Oromos are the Ethiopian most populous ethnic group, they have been protesting since November 2015 against a government’s claimed master plan aimed to extend the boundaries of the capital of Ethiopia “Addis Ababa”. The peaceful demonstrators had stated that, the “Addis Ababa master plan”  would lead to government forcing farmers who are traditional owners of the land out of their land and make them impoverished as a result.

The Ethiopian government wants to be in total control – of the economy, independent media and the opposition movements, whether the people like it or not. The tough approach is what the government has been applying, claiming it’s the best way through which the country can reach its developmental goals. But repression is another blunt instrument the government is using and the ongoing Oromo protests should force the government to reverse its decision.

Now, the government recently said they have scrap the master plan following increasing demonstrations, but they can’t be trusted, it’s possible they are  re-strategizing on the next line of action, a lot of pictures and videos have been posted and uploaded on both Facebook and YouTube showing the faces of these peaceful protester, in the best interest of the Oromo people, it is advice that any originating video or pictures of people demonstrating should not show the real faces of the demonstrators but there blurred face, because the government also have access to those pictures and videos, which can be used to arrest or even kill the demonstrators.

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