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Amendment/Revision for Transition by Dr. Tsegaye Ararssa

The transition to democracy needs to start by dismantling the infrastructure of repression in the entire state apparatus. For this, all the repressive laws must be abrogated or amended as necessary.

Beyond this, considering the fact that the system has also been a system of rule BY law (often invoking constitutionalism and legality), we will need amending/revising the constitution if a genuine work of transition or/and transformation is to begin.

Even simple attempts at addressing some of the demands of the Oromo Revolution (e.g. the demand to make Afaan Oromoo an additional working language of the Federal Government) may require constitutional amendments to a few provisions.

The need to address popular demands and the imperative of transforming the polity (transitioning it from authoritarian rule to a just democratic order) may force the regime to undertake a massive constitutional revision as urgently as possible.

Accordingly, it is high time for the regime to set up a broad-based inter-party platform that deliberates on the needed changes and subsequently proposes the same to the parliament so that the latter can formally initiate constitutional amendment processes (as per art 104) on the set of most pressing issues before it’s too late.


Tsegaye R. Ararssa

Tsegaye R. Ararssa

I like to die teaching. ...Living on the edge, exploring the borders... in self-estrangement...on exile... never too grounded physically or epistemically...always coming, always longing to arrive...ever in love with words...trying to find voice in/through them...trying to make sense,...ever trying to see the light, and to comprehend the same, and to find enchant. ...and more...for there is always more in/to life...And the EXIT, yes, the Exit. Perhaps relief at last, arrival, ... finally, in and through EXIT...
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