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The agony of Oromo people in their own land

The present Ethiopian government which is absolutely run by the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front which is descended from the militia that overthrew the ruling communist state in 1991 after a continuous civil war is one among the most oppressive in Africa. The EPRDF regime is dominated predominately by elites from the Tigrayan cultural groups. But its rule relies on a baseline of inter-communal harmony — just as it depends on the appearance of development and economic growth.

The Addis strategy is one instance through which these two objectives came into direct conflict. Protests over the strategy which Oromo perceived as a land grab undertaken by an oppressive and unrepresentative central government broke out in late 2015. The government responded with a crackdown that wiped out 140 people marking possibly the deadliest outburst of political violence in the nation since its civil war ended in 1991. Even if the plan has been suspended the Addis Ababa land expansion push is an extension of tough growth policies which are essential to the regime’s self-image and likely its survival policies enabled by fierce arm tactics that a country will possibly not accept. However, the protests were evident that economic growth and authoritarianism can’t paper over a general sense of displeasure.

Hence it is important for the international community to stand in unison against the unfavorable policies and ruthless regime in Ethiopia and retain the right of peoples to land ownership; peoples are taken advantage of left defenseless and are presently running out of ways to protect their rights. The land grabbers (foreign investors) also need to understand the complex reality they are involving in and need to evaluate their chances on time before it is too late. Any land arrangement that has not been agreed to by nations and nationalities in Ethiopia will not be adhered to and will bring neither lasting peace nor development in the country and for the investors too.

The people surfer and they are ejected from their land by their own government by grabbing there land and awarding it to foreign investor in the name of development, what is the essence of develop when people who ought to benefit from the development are been oppressed, and send out of their own land even kill in the process, what a great cry of agony from the people in their own land.

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